The last eight months have been a testament to Wh0’s growing success. For a dance music act to come through the ranks so quickly, over such a short period of time in the digital age is almost unheard of. Although it’s Wh0’s penchant for thumping, groove-ridden anthems with unquestionable danceability which has made the duo so notorious. And the last eight months have been a testament to this.
Decked in black masks and fearless in their studio execution, the mysterious UK pair have already been seducing some of house music’s biggest players. It’s not often that you’re introduced to such a young outfit shrouded in anonymity. Their earlier musical footsteps turned the music world on its head and their own vivid concoction of grooving club records and playful spirit has resulted in the creation of timeless and titillating set-staples.
Formed in 2018, Wh0 have wasted little time in rubbing shoulders with the upper echelon of musical talent. A plethora of remixes for Basement Jaxx saw Wh0 take on two of the British icon’s untouchable hits – ‘Romeo’ and ‘Where’s Your Head At’. The results were indicative of the line the UK newcomers have drawn in the sand – a respectable and quality concoction of modern age electronic work that can be applied, enjoyed and inspired by both classic and contemporary house fans. This spurred on a range of huge figureheads enrolling for their remix services, with Sigma, The Prodigy and Blonde all extending requests.
But it’s also their original cuts which have caught the attention of tastemakers. After the creation of their Wh0 Plays imprint, as well as their initial run of releases for sought after labels Toolroom Records, SubSoul and 3Beat, Wh0 have graduated from in-demand remixers to accomplished club pundits. 2019 is likely to see them step up their game even further with releases on the likes of Armada Music, alongside their brand-new sonic slayer ‘gReEdY’ which began the New Year at an incredible level, heralded by the likes of Mistajam on his prime-time Dance Anthems slot on BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM. They were asked to jump on remix duties too for James Hype and Craig David, for their dancefloor cut ‘No Drama’ on One More Tune, a dance division of Warner Music. Although this comes as no surprise from artists who’ve racked up over half a million streams on both YouTube and Spotify in such a short space of time – verifying that with very little background, it’s the music which has propelled them onto the agenda’s forefront.
‘gReEdY’ wasn’t the first time Wh0 have gained international attention. Their first appearance on the BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems show was through their single ‘Scream’, a track which became instantly infamous on the touring circuit, featuring a well-known vocal sample which was twisted into an almost unrecognizable shape. This proves how Wh0 are such a defining force – whether it’s The Prodigy or Basement Jaxx, they’re unintimidated when stamping their sound onto big names, with their own presence shining through even the most ground-breaking creativity. Released through their own Wh0 Plays imprint, ‘Scream’ highlighted how even without a pivotal label providing their platform, they’re still able to make just as much of an impact. It’s their music which is driving interest around the producers. No matter who is behind the mask, or the pedestals they’ve climbed.
You may not know them to look at, but to hear Wh0 strike up their early wizardry is to discover a new generation of UK house talent taking a much-deserved place among the global market.

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