Mitch Gilby - Real Badman


Wh0 Worx is another independent, artist run imprint which has shaken the foundations of what was becoming a very rigid dance music industry.


Scruby - Tongarra

Sculpting a sonic landscape that blurs the boundaries between genres, Scruby emerges with his highly anticipated release "Tongarra" on Wh0 Worx Records. With "Tongarra," Scruby delves deep into the realms of hypnotic rhythms and ethereal melodies, crafting an auditory journey that transports listeners to a realm of pure sonic bliss. The track's pulsating basslines and intricate percussion provide the perfect foundation for its lush synth textures, creating a captivating atmosphere that captivates the mind and moves the body.

Costa UK - Funky Town

At its core, "Funky Town" embodies the essence of feel-good vibes and infectious energy. With its pulsating basslines, soulful vocals, and funky guitar licks, the track transports listeners to a place where the rhythm reigns supreme and the dance floor beckons. Costa's meticulous attention to detail and his innate understanding of what moves the crowd shine through in every beat, making "Funky Town" an instant dance floor anthem.

NuKey - Don't Depend On You

NuKey is poised to set dance floors ablaze with the release of their latest track, "Don't Depend On You" on Wh0 Worx Records. "Don't Depend On You" encapsulates NuKey's signature style, delivering a sonic journey that transcends the ordinary and elevates the spirit. From its infectious bassline to its euphoric synths, the track is a testament to NuKey's ability to seamlessly blend emotion and rhythm into a cohesive whole that leaves audiences breathless and craving more.


Titled "IC3," NOTO's latest offering is a mesmerizing journey through pulsating basslines, intricate percussion, and ethereal synth textures. Seamlessly blending elements of deep house and tech-house, "IC3" exudes an irresistible energy that is destined to ignite dance floors worldwide. With its infectious hooks and dynamic arrangement, the track serves as a testament to NOTO's prowess as both a producer and a storyteller.

Sir Francis & Nancie - Not Just Music

Sir Francis & Nancie combine forces to present the vibrant 'Not Just Music' on Wh0 Worx - showcasing the duo's distinctive style, seamlessly merging massive basslines, impactful build-ups, and monumental drops. It's an infectious earworm guaranteed to ignite the dance floor with its bouncy rhythms.

Tommy Loco - Transmit

Tommy Loco's 'Transmit' is an electrifying dancefloor banger defined by its incredible acid bassline and high-octane energy. This track has proven its ability to set the crowd on fire, notably when it rocked the Ministry of Sound nightclub during Wh0's performance. 'Transmit' is a testament to Tommy Loco's talent for crafting infectious beats that keep the party going, making it a must-have in any DJ's arsenal. Get ready to surrender to the pulsating rhythm and infectious vibes of 'Transmit' as it takes you on a sonic journey you won't soon forget.

DaniCW Ft. NEIV - Dance All Night

Introducing the electrifying collaboration of DaniCW and NEIV with "Dance All Night," a forthcoming release on Wh0 Worx Records. This eagerly anticipated track, set to be released on Wh0 Worx Records, combines electrifying vocals with a pulsating bassline and an irresistibly tough club-driving beat. With the stamp of approval from Wh0 Worx Records, this track is set to unleash an unforgettable night of music, energy, and pure excitement.

Jacq (UK) & DaniCW - El Burro

Jacq (UK) & DaniCW combine forces to deliver the vibrant 'El Burro' on Wh0 Worx. Laying down their signature flavours, the duo seamlessly blend in huge basslines, big builds and even bigger drops to create a bouncy earworm that'll create serious dance-floor-flow.

Roland Clark - DJ's Prayer EP

Roland Clark answers the 'DJ's Prayer' with two versions on Wh0 Worx. With dance-floor-focused vocal flows running throughout atop rolling percussion and beefy basslines, this one demands hands held high!

Glaxxs - Kareena

Glaxxs steps up to Wh0's Wh0 Worx imprint with toe-tapping slammer 'Kareena'. An effortless blend of ricocheting bass and a rolling vocal hook gallop side by side, dropping into immense drum patterns and high-octane synth stabs. What a banger!

Nem - Latin Swing

Wh0 welcome NEM to Wh0 Worx. Latin Swing is a high-energy House Music track that incorporates a massive steel drum melody, big club vibes, and Spanish vocals to create a truly unique and unforgettable sound. Produced by the talented DJ and producer Nem, this track is a testament to his ability to blend different genres and influences seamlessly.

Liam Cox - Set Me Free

I first had the idea for ‘Set Me Free’ when I stumbled across the mega vocal hook & instantly knew I had a club weapon in the making. I coupled the vocal with an infectious rolling synth stab along with some chunky drums & the track transformed into a peak-time club banger. My inspiration for this track was to create something that would revive the energy on the dance floor & do damage in any club across the globe.

Per QX & Kry (IT) - It's A Latin Thing

Per QX & Kry (IT) team up to bring hip-swaying slammer 'It's A Latin Thing' to Wh0's Wh0 Worx label. Enigmatic vocals pulse throughout, with Latin-style drum patterns and rustling percussion setting the tempo for a top dancefloor groover.

Glaxxs - Back To Groovy

Glaxxs makes his Wh0 Worx debut with new track 'Back To Groovy'. He infuses the energy of his Brazilian roots with rhythmic, bongo-style percussion building to a funky drop of rolling bass and entrancing synth stabs. Heat!

Bad Intentions & Sir Francis - Never Gonna Give You Up

Bad Intentions and Sir Francis team up to deliver 'Never Gonna Give You Up' on Wh0 Worx. Huge bouncy basslines and thick percussive patterns swell to a crescendo of steel drums that is sure to get any crowd chanting along.

DJ Dove & Allen Wish - This Freak

DJ Dove & Allen Wish join forces to release 'This Freak' on Wh0's Wh0 Worx label. Powerful, driving rhythm sets the tone while echoing vocal chops weave seamlessly in and out, creating a track bound to fire up the dancefloor and get everyone moving.

Sir Francis Ft. Rowetta - Beating Heart

Sir Francis brings the energy in his return to Wh0 Worx, featuring fearless drops and electric dynamics, 'Beating Heart' featuring Rowetta is a steamy club essential.

GAWP, Elijah & Grundy X The Melody Men - Deeper Love

GAWP, Elijah & Grundy, and The Melody Men join forces for their Wh0 Worx debut. 'Deeper Love' is a riotous banger featuring tantalizing builds, full-throttle drops, and crystal clear vocals.

The Worx, Vol. 1

Zesto and Onacity get set to make their mark on label Wh0 Worx with double trouble package 'Soy Boy' and 'Muevete'. Powerful and seductive, 'The Worx, Vol. 01' is a head-nodding, feet-tapping phenomenon full of relentlessly catchy samples, enticing horn melodies, and delicious breakdowns.

Sir Francis - Mainline

Wh0 welcome Sir Francis to their Wh0 Worx imprint for 'Main Line', a dark club-focused cut with precision kicks, stellar synth studies, and driving bass. With eyes on peak-time dancefloors, 'Main Line' is sure to be a favourite amongst DJs around the globe.

VA - Worx Together Vol. 2

Wh0 enlist Hako, DIM FLO, Khonsu The Child, Connor-S, and Louis Lennon for the second instalment of their 'Worx Together' series. Three peak-time bangers from some of the freshest rising stars, all ready for dancefloor damage - a must for the setlists.

Wh0 Worx Compilations Vol. 1

Wh0 gets set to present the first instalment of their 'Wh0 Worx Compilations' series. Featuring appearances from Archie B, Kid Caird, SELCO (BE), Nico The Bishop, Tom Murray and others, the 'Wh0 Worx Compilations, Vol. 01' is jam-packed with dancefloor heaters from start to finish.

Mafo - Your Love

Up and coming DJ and Producer Mafo gets set to grace Wh0's Wh0 Worx imprint with 'Your Love', a driving dancefloor-focused tech-house cut with a strong vocal hook.

VA - Worx Together Vol. 1

Wh0 enlist Heider, Josh Hunter, Luan Trombin, and Corben Smart for Wh0 Worxs' first VA, 'Worx Together Vol. 01'. Two collaborative tracks from some of the freshest rising stars, all ready for dancefloor damage - pure heat!

Heider - The Bump

After first releasing on Wh0's Wh0 Worx label back in February of this year, Heider returns with a Tech House slammer entitled 'The Bump'. With a wriggling bassline, slick kicks and infectious vocals, 'The Bump' arrives just in time for the return of nightlife.

DIAL9 - Somethin' EP

Having first graced Wh0 Plays back in June alongside Makree with 'Told You Once', DIAL9 now gets set to unleash 'Somethin'' via Wh0's Wh0 Worx imprint. A two-track EP in which the title track features Hedara, both 'Somethin'' and 'How We Used To' are both two dancefloor-ready bangers with feel-good vibes throughout.

KTTK - Lover EP

Japanese DJ and producer KTTK is next to grace Wh0's Wh0 Worx label with 'Lover', a two-track EP boasting dancefloor focused energy throughout. With an infectious sassy vocal, driving bassline and slick drum work both 'Lover' and 'F.T.T.H' are club-ready bangers ready to raise the roof.

Rodri - Do You

Next on Wh0 Worx is Rodri with a dancefloor-focused two-track EP entitled 'Do You'. Boasting peak-time Tech House energy throughout with a driving bassline, precision drum work, and lush vocal cuts, both 'Do You' and 'Like That' are sure to do serious damage in the club this summer.

crane the brain - What Time EP

Wh0 continues to champion some of the hottest rising talents in Tech House via their Wh0 Worx imprint, next up is Crane The Brain with 'What Time'. Two club-focused cuts with a pumping bassline, harsh synth stabs and haunting vocals, both 'What Time' and 'Give Me Your Money' are sure to set the dancefloor on fire!

Litchy & Smiley - Together EP

ext up on Wh0 Worx is Welsh duo Litchy & Smiley with two dancefloor-ready club cuts entitled 'Together' and 'Good Love'. Boasting precision kicks, wobbly basslines, and slamming vocal cuts both 'Together' and 'Good Love' are built for peak-time.

Dissolut - Speaker Test EP

Following their latest release on Sink Or Swim, rising duo Dissolut return with another club heater, this time on Wh0’s Wh0 Worx label with fresh EP Speaker Test. Hailing from a small town in Germany, Luis and Sorin AKA Dissolut have been swiftly making a name for themselves. Forming through their mutual passion for electronic music, the pair have now produced an impressive catalogue for themselves including releases on the likes of Toolroom, Sola, REALM, Superfett, Get Twisted, Sink Or Swim, Armada Deep, Distortion, Stashed Music, Basement Sound, Cr2 and many more. Most notably, their release Street Move via Slightly Sizzled landed the no.2 spot on the Beatport Chart, marking huge promise for the rising talent as they progress into 2021. As well as landing an endless list of dance-ready releases, they have also received tastemaker backing from heavyweights including MK, Gorgon City, Tough Love, Joel Corry, TCTS on Kiss FM and now fellow esteemed duo Wh0. Debuting with two-track EP Speaker Test on Wh0 Worx, they add to their growing list of fans with the release seeing approval from Chris Lake, SIDEPIECE, Jamie Jones, Claude VonStroke, Shadow Child, Motez and more. Boasting peak time energy Speaker Test features a hypnotic vocal groove amongst rugged tech house basslines. Meanwhile, Keep It Moving experiments with acid stabs and warps amongst trippy vocal loops made for the club, making the EP the ultimate dance floor package. Dissolut – Speaker Test is out now via Wh0 Worx.

Bad Intentions Vs. Flaglar - Hooked

Straight off the back of their debut single 'Monster', Bad Intentions link up with Flagler for the killer single 'Hooked' released on Wh0's Wh0 Worx imprint. 'Hooked' is a deep tech house groover with a wobbly bassline, slick vocal cuts, and precision kicks. On the flip side, Bad Intentions give us a taste of summer with a sunshine-inspired refix ready for the dancefloor.

Bad Intentions - Monster

After releasing on Wh0 Plays Compilation Vol.1, Bad Intentions now make their Wh0 Worx debut with a peak-time pumper entitled 'Monster'. Jam-packed with a powerful driving bassline, precision kicks, and intense breakdowns, 'Monster' boasts dark energy throughout, itching to be unleashed to busy dancefloors.

Forbid - Shake Up

Following the success of Heider's 'Keep It Simple' on Wh0's newly launched imprint Wh0 Worx, the masked duo invites Forbid to the label for a fierce single entitled 'Shake Up'. Pushing his niche sound of queer house, Forbid has been making waves all over the world and has seen releases on Axtone, Selected, and Force Of Habit Records to name a few. Boasting a deep grooving bassline, exciting vocal cuts, and hypnotic synth patterns 'Shake Up' is one for the early morning hours.

Heider - Keep It Simple

With their star continuing to rise at sonic speed, mysterious Wh0’s label imprint Wh0 Plays Records has unsurprisingly expanded, as they introduce their new sister label Wh0 Worx. Focusing on darker, grittier Tech-House, Worx is off the mark strong, with their debut release “Keep It Simple” from much talked about, Heider. Delivering a hypnotic vocal loop, powerful kicks and brimming with big energy, this confident premiere is setting the bar high….very high!


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