Wh0 Plays is another independent, artist run imprint which has shaken the foundations of what was becoming a very rigid dance music industry.


Wh0 Ft. Nile Rodgers & Josh Barry - Better Day

Following their recent single Out Of Time earlier this year which received radio playlisting from Capital Dance, Wh0 now release new single Better Day alongside disco royalty Nile Rodgers and rising singer-songwriter Josh Barry. Wh0 – Better Day ft. Nile Rodgers & Josh Barry is out now via Wh0 Plays / THRIVE MUSIC.

Wh0 Ft. Clementine Douglas - Out Of Time

Returning to their imprint for 2021, Wh0 continue an exciting year with Out Of Time ft Clementine Douglas. Boasting gripping bass and deep groove, Out Of Time packs crossover appeal whilst Clementine’s rich and soulful vocals paired with fierce synth patterns transform the single into the ultimate dance weapon.

Wh0 Plays Compilations Volume 1

With their first Upfront Chart #1 secured just days ago, Wh0’s label imprint Wh0 Plays Records continues its confident charge, as they release their first compilation, cleanly titled “Who Plays Compilations Vol 1”. Showing an A&R eagle-eye for upcoming dance music talent, Wh0 Plays welcome Dim Flo, Husko, Mark Boson, Bad Intentions, ODYFFE and Josh Davids to their family, with all debuting with the now much sought after label.

Wh0 - Believer Ft. Kathy Brown

2020. What an underwhelming barrage of NOPE, eh. BUT....the end of the year is almost here! And Wh0 wish to send a beacon to the cloud filled skies reminding music lovers to stay positive and BELIEVE in both themselves and better days to come. With its uplifting piano riffs and groove packed bassline, Believer throws down a sturdy slab of powerful, authentic House music, refined even further with a soulful vocal hook from dance vocal royalty, Kathy Brown. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Ben Rainey & Quinny (UK) - On A Ride Ft. UCH

Idris Elba…Tiesto…David Guetta…Don Diablo…Claptone...Fatboy Slim….this could go on for a while! Just a small offering of supporters for Ben Rainey’s debut release “Good Times” on Wh0 Plays Records. The bar couldn’t have been raised higher for expectations on its successor, and it appears he’s brought reinforcements to ensure it’s effortlessly cleared. Alongside recently hyped UK producer Quinny, “On A Ride” delivers a crystal-clear finely polished house gem, with UCH delivering a hypnotic encapsulating vocal hook. Your move DJ elites!

Jacq (UK) - Raise My Voice

Jacq's next destination is the label home of exciting and mysterious duo Wh0. Wh0 Plays Records tenth release is a special one and also fitting for their first milestone release. Jacq manages to combine tech-house power and energy with soulful disco elements all in one record, sure to leave you breathless. 'Raise My Voice’ melds together Jacq's signature tech stabs and heady driving bass-line with an infectious soul-drenched vocal and to cap things off disco grooves intertwined throughout the record. Jacq's inspiration for this cut came from his desire to create expansive multi-genre styled productions, this is where the idea to marry the energy of tech house with the soul of disco came about. We're sure you will agree the result is an infectious dance-floor cut certain to spread far and wide.

Josh Hunter - Release Me

Welcoming a new member to the #Wh0army / Wh0 Plays Records family, Josh Hunter! Josh has pulled a huge record out the bag here, already gaining early support from Claptone, Sam Divine, Stonebridge & more. Set to be a biggy, get 'Release Me' in your basket asap!

Ben Rainey & Felix Leiter - Good Times

Wh0 Plays Records welcomes Felix Leiter & Ben Rainey to the roster. Good Times is defiantly a record you need to check out!

Wh0 - Courage

Following up strong on the back of their last release “House Of Wh0” on their increasingly supported Wh0 Plays Records imprint, the boys in black serve up another authentic house gem to the masses...Courage. Packed full with formidably inspiring gospel preach, Wh0’s clear cut production and thick layers of warm, powerful bass set this to be another one to take all their frequent followers by storm, in both clubs and radio. Do you have the Courage?

DJ OMC & Dj Dharma 900 - Gotta Keep On (Wh0 Remix)

Mysterious masked duo Wh0 continue to surprise us all, as they step up to release their first new signings to their label Wh0 Plays Records, ‘DJ OMC’ and ‘Dj Dharma 900’. Wh0 have put there twist on DJ OMC & Dj Dharma 900's debut release 'Gotta Keep On'. Upping the energy, prepping it ready for peak time dancefloors.

DJ OMC & Dj Dharma 900 - Gotta Keep On

Mysterious masked duo Wh0 continue to surprise us all, as they step up to release their first new signings to their label Wh0 Plays Records, ‘DJ OMC’ and ‘Dj Dharma 900’. A playful and authentic house number staying true to Wh0 Plays’ identifiable and groove-ladened style, their debut release “Gotta Keep On” brings huge appeal to a wide scope, with support already confirmed from Stonebridge, Laurent Garnier, Fedde Le Grand, ATFC and more. With an additional dub mix for the early hours, and a remix from label bosses Wh0 themselves, OMC and Dharma are planting themselves in good stead and should help further the progression of this much talked about label.

Wh0 - House Of Wh0

Wh0 delivers a gleaming gospel house rework for the dark, winter months. Primed for club use and teeming with energy, this tech-edged weapon will cause damage at any parties you have lined up. Heaving with wall to wall dynamism from the root, the gospel vocals and call and response will get the energy to eleven in seconds. Paired with fat, rolling kick drums, crisp top end hats, 909 claps and kept alive with a slick, pounding bassline.

Wh0 - The Poet Ft. Chuck Roberts

Shortly after releasing their infectious anthem “Happy People” on Positiva, Wh0 are wasting little to no time delivering their next instalment on their label Wh0 Plays Records. Adding another authentic house weapon to their arsenal, the masked duo has this time featured house royalty Chuck Roberts, best known as the man behind iconic vocal “In the beginning, there was Jack…” Chuck’s unmistakable gospel vocals couldn’t lend themselves more to Wh0’s energy fuelled yet hypnotic groove, which is ladened with old school four to the floor thumps and nostalgia. Preach Mr Roberts…. …this is “The Poet”.

Wh0 - Sound Bomb

Fresh off the back of their initial release “Le Chant” on Toolroom Trax, the mysterious masked duo Wh0 are wasting no time and dropping their first release on their own label Wh0 Plays Records. Club monster “Sound Bomb” brings a huge emotion of musical nostalgia, delivering a warm and driving bassline reminiscent of the 90’s house era. With remixes already secured with Basement Jaxx, Sigma, and Prodigy, as well as a string of releases scheduled with Toolroom and 3 Beat, Wh0 have wasted no time stamping their authority and making themselves known to all the key players.


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