Wh0 Plays is another independent, artist run imprint which has shaken the foundations of what was becoming a very rigid dance music industry.


Johan S - I Believe

In the heart of the dance music scene, where beats and rhythms intersect to create moments of pure euphoria, Johan S emerges with his latest anthem, "I Believe," ready to ignite dancefloors worldwide. Signed to the esteemed Wh0 Plays Records, Johan S is no stranger to crafting sonic journeys that resonate deeply with listeners. Drawing from his rich musical influences and experiences, Johan S infuses "I Believe" with a timeless quality that transcends genres. Whether you're a seasoned clubber or a newcomer to the dance music scene, this track promises to captivate and move you from the first beat to the last.

David Morales & Wh0 Vs Sam Frandisco & Steve Martano - Needin' U

Needin' U" is the electrifying collaboration between house music legend David Morales, dynamic duo Wh0, and emerging talents Sam Frandisco and Steve Martano. Combining classic house vibes with modern production, this track is set to ignite dance floors worldwide. Stay tuned for its release on Wh0 Plays Records and get ready to experience the magic of "Needin' U".

Wh0 - Deeper (WEISS Bamboozled Remix)

WEISS, a renowned figure in the house music scene, puts his signature touch on the track "Deeper" originally by Wh0. Released on February 10, 2024, this remix showcases Weiss's distinctive production style, known for its infectious energy and expertly crafted beats. The remix likely adds a new dimension to the original composition, with WEISS's creative flair shining through. With its release, the "Deeper" WEISS Bamboozled Remix has likely garnered attention from fans and DJs alike, becoming a notable addition to both WEISS and Wh0's discography.

Wh0 - Deeper (Numatix Remix)

Immerse yourself in the pulsating world of DnB with the electrifying remix of "Deeper" by the talented producer Numatix. Originally conceived by an acclaimed artist, the track takes a thrilling turn under Numatix's deft touch, transforming it into a high-octane journey through the depths of bass-infused rhythms.

CHAN - All I Need

Chan's electrifying house music release, "All I Need," is a pulsating journey through the realms of electronic beats and soulful vocals. The track encapsulates the essence of euphoria and the infectious energy of the dance floor, making it a must-listen for avid electronic music enthusiasts. Chan, known for his innovative approach to house music, crafts a sonic landscape that seamlessly blends catchy melodies, driving basslines, and mesmerizing synths. "All I Need" is a testament to Chan's ability to create an immersive experience, drawing listeners into the rhythmic world of the dance genre.

VA - Wh0 Plays Toolapellas Vol. 2

For the first time in 2 years, Wh0 Plays Records will be releasing a 32 acapella compilation exclusively on Beatport & Traxsource.

Bad Intentions Vs Kris Kiss - You Know Where The Floor Is

"You Know Where The Floor Is" is an electrifying house rave anthem that's been setting dance floors ablaze throughout 2023. With its powerful stabs and commanding rap vocal, this track demands attention and delivers an unforgettable experience. Notably, it has become a mainstay in Wh0's sets, showcasing its crowd-pleasing energy and infectious appeal. Whether you're a seasoned raver or a newcomer to the scene, "You Know Where The Floor Is" promises an unmissable journey to the heart of the dancefloor, where the music takes control, and the party reaches its peak.

Jacq (UK) - Helter Skelter

“Helter Skelter" by Jacq (UK) is an electrifying dance track released on Wh0 Plays Records label. This dynamic tune combines elements of house, techno, and rave, creating a high-energy sonic journey that leaves listeners and dancefloors in an exhilarated frenzy. With its relentless beats and massive rave stabs, "Helter Skelter" offers an explosive experience that's sure to set dancefloors on fire. The track is distinguished by its colossal and mind-bending rave stabs. These energetic and high-pitched synth elements infuse the track with an undeniable sense of euphoria and excitement, making it an anthem for partygoers and ravers alike. "Helter Skelter" boasts a driving, punchy house beat that propels the track forward with an irresistible force. This beat is the backbone of the song, keeping the energy levels high and the audience moving throughout the entire composition. While firmly rooted in house, "Helter Skelter" incorporates techno elements, giving it a unique and edgy character. This blend of genres adds depth and versatility to the track, making it an ideal choice for a diverse range of electronic music enthusiasts. The fact that "Helter Skelter" was a standout track in a Wh0 DJ set speaks volumes about its impact on the dance music scene. Wh0, known for their explosive sets and impeccable taste, featured this track at Printworks, a renowned venue, and it undoubtedly became a highlight of the performance. This underscores the track's potential to move and captivate a discerning and energetic crowd. In summary, "Helter Skelter" by Jacq (UK) is a musical rollercoaster that effortlessly bridges the gap between house, techno, and rave. Its thunderous rave stabs, driving house beat, and techno influences combine to create a memorable and high-octane listening experience that is bound to be a mainstay in the sets of top-tier DJs and a cherished favorite among electronic music aficionados.

Antoine Clamaran - Get Up (Wh0 Remix)

Following the success of the high-energy original, Wh0 present their take on Antoine Clamaran's 'Get Up (It Doesn't Matter)' featuring Sabrynaah Pope via their Wh0 Plays label.

Bad Intentions - Rock The Bongo

“Rock The Bongo" by Bad Intentions is a high-octane House track with Tech House influences, driven by an energetic Spanish piano that adds an authentic and soulful dimension to the music. Get ready to groove!

Junior Sanchez - Dreams

Wh0 Plays Records proudly welcomes the iconic Junior Sanchez to its roster, a musical luminary renowned for remixing Daft Punk and for his role as the driving force behind Brobot Records. With a career that's garnered acclaim worldwide, Junior Sanchez's artistic brilliance takes centre stage in his latest creation, "Dreams." "Dreams" captures the spirit of Disco while embracing contemporary elements, showcasing Junior Sanchez's skill in crafting both nostalgic and innovative sounds. As an industry pioneer, Junior Sanchez's influence is undeniable, and his release with Wh0 Plays Records elevates this track to new heights. With "Dreams," Junior Sanchez and Wh0 Plays Records bring a vibrant fusion to the dancefloor, inviting audiences to experience a captivating journey that merges the best of the past and present. This track is a testament to their shared commitment to pushing musical boundaries and creating an electrifying sonic experience.

VA - ADE Comp 2023

Embark on an electrifying sonic journey as Wh0 Plays Records unveils its first Amsterdam Dance Event Compilation, a carefully curated selection of tracks from a top tier circle of producers. This compilation unites a diverse range of genres, styles, and artistic perspectives, embodying the label's commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering tracks that resonate with dance enthusiasts worldwide. 1. Bad Intentions - Organ Donor: This electrifying Techno organ track will take you on a high-octane ride through pulsating rhythms and addictive melodies, leaving you with an adrenaline rush like no other. 2. Silque - Pumping Iron: Silque presents "Pumping Iron," a Tech House pumper, laced with an infectious reggae vocal twist. This track thrives on powerful rhythms and a pulsating energy that will set the dancefloor on fire. 3. Si Slay - My Sound: Immerse yourself in the transcendent atmosphere of "My Sound." Si Slay's vibes-infused Tech House creation boasts an exceptional groove that will move your body and spirit in unison. 4. Matt Stone - Bongo Jam: "Bongo Jam" by Matt Stone is a Tech House gem that harnesses the captivating allure of bongos. With its rhythm-driven energy, this track promises a dance experience like no other. 5. Just Aaron - Naked Truth: Just Aaron flips the script with "Naked Truth," a club-ready Disco flip that ignites the dancefloor with its wicked energy. Expect an exhilarating fusion of classic and contemporary sounds. The Amsterdam Dance Event Compilation on Wh0 Plays Records is not just an assortment of tracks; it's a sonic odyssey that captures the very essence of creativity, innovation, and the profound ability of music to unite individuals across the globe. Guided by these standout compositions, the compilation stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the dance music landscape.

Jacq (UK) - This Sound

Re-introducing Jacq (UK), the rising sensation on Wh0 plays records. With a track that stands as his biggest yet, brace yourself for an explosive dose of peak time house music. Overflowing with huge energy and feel-good vibes, Jacq's sound is destined to elevate dancefloors to unparalleled heights. Surrender to the irresistible beats and immerse yourself in the euphoria of Jacq's sensational house music. Get ready for 'Jacq (UK) - This Sound'!

Wh0 - Deeper EP

The A-Side: 'Wh0 Deeper' - a house track of immense energy, crafted by the enigmatic duo Wh0. It's infectious beats and pulsating rhythms ignite dancefloors, leaving crowds euphoric. Unleashed at Printworks, it garnered a huge reaction. A true anthem for house music lovers worldwide, 'Wh0 - Deeper' is a journey of sonic bliss and shared experiences. Surrender to its power, huge BPM change and let the music take control. The B-Side: 'Boogie Down' - An electrifying house track, crafted by Wh0 and James Hurr. Drawing inspiration from French House and classic Disco, this modern gem samples the iconic Earth, Wind & Fire. Get ready to groove to infectious rhythms and dancefloor euphoria. Surrender to the music and let your spirit 'Boogie Down.' Not for the faint-hearted.

Lohrasp Kansara Ft. Norman Alexander - Follow Me

Get ready to be swept away by the feel-good house vibes of "Follow Me," the latest creation from Lohrasp Kansara featuring Norman Alexander. This modern take on "Follow Me" by Aly Us, curated for Wh0 plays records, infuses classic elements with a fresh twist, making it a dancefloor anthem of pure euphoria. Surrender to the beats, and let "Follow Me" guide you on an unforgettable musical journey. Embrace the spirit of house music and let it lead you to new heights.

Mar Vista and Stephan Duy - Groovin'

Get ready to move and groove with "Groovin'," the latest Disco House sensation brought to you by the dynamic collaboration of Mar Vista and Stephan Duy. This infectious track combines the classic vibes of Disco with modern House Music energy, creating a dancefloor anthem that's impossible to resist. Set for release on the esteemed Wh0 Plays Records, "Groovin'" is a testament to the timeless power of music to make you dance and feel alive.

Steve Angello & Wh0 - What You Need [Size & Wh0 Plays Records]

Celebrating the launch of S—ZE XX and S—ZE Records 250th release we present: “What You Need” In "What You Need", Steve Angello and Wh0 tap into the primal heartbeat of house music, crafting a modern- day anthem that ingeniously samples Carrie Lucas's "I Got to Be Dancin'". The track brims with infectious rhythms and audacious basslines, providing a contemporary update to a classic disco melody. The resultant fusion is a powerful testament to the genre's enduring appeal and its capacity for ceaseless evolution. "What You Need" is a vibrant homage to the golden age of disco, repurposed and reenergized for the next generation of house music lovers.

CASSIMM - All Right

CASSIMM steps up to Wh0's ever-thriving Wh0 Plays label for the peak-time house slammer that is 'All Right'. Jam-packed with energy from the get-go this one is going to be a favourite amongst DJs and dancers this summer.

Just Aaron - Tell Me

Just Aaron lines up to drop the infectiously catchy 'Tell Me' on Wh0 Plays, his first single on the label after the HUGE success of 'Feels' alongside label heads Wh0 which saw well over 6 Million streams. Delivering a mixture of high-energy drums, percussion, bass, vocals, and melody, this one is a surefire way to get the whole dancefloor moving.

Hervé - I Think The World Of You

Wh0 welcomes Hervé to Wh0 Plays. I Think The World Of You is a Disco-House song that pays homage to classic House sounds while incorporating elements of French House. The track features a sample from Donnell Pitman's "Love Explosion," which gives it a nostalgic and classic feel. With its infectious groove and irresistible hooks, this track is a guaranteed dancefloor filler that will leave you wanting more.

Essed & Josh Hunter - Lost In The Music

Lost in Music is a dynamic and energetic House Music track brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Josh Hunter and Essed. Together, they have crafted a chunky House Music banger that is sure to get crowds moving. Lost in Music is a track that transports listeners to a world of pulsing beats and infectious melodies, where they can lose themselves in the rhythm and let the music take control. With its driving basslines, soaring synths, and catchy vocal hooks, Lost in Music is a must-listen for any house music fan.

Cavi - Keep On Holding On

'Keep On Holding On' for sure has a special place in my heart. It is the first track that I did after the war began in my country, Ukraine. This track reminds me that music is a power that unites and uplift even in the darkest times. Joy and hope can still be found amidst the chaos.

Dale Move - Praise

Dale Move steps up to Wh0's Wh0 Plays with fresh new banger 'Praise'. Passionate, gospel vocals are layered with a blend of bongo-style drum patterns, rich piano stabs, and vibrant percussion. Praise the lordddd!

Kokiri - Hot Damn!

Kokiri makes his Wh0 Plays debut with the vibey, disco-infused 'Hot Damn!'. Full of vivacious energy, upbeat percussion, and groove-laden bass, 'Hot Damn!' will get everyone's feet moving in no time.

Voost - This Time Baby

Voost lines up to release disco-infused 'This Time Baby' on Wh0's Wh0 Plays imprint. Uplifting and feel-good vocals take center stage, whilst a huge instrumental arrangement carries the track through euphoric dancefloor goodness.

Husko & AP - Shine

Husko & AP keep the dancefloors warm this winter with uplifting, and feel-good house banger 'Shine'. Infectious vocals blend flawlessly together with groovy drums and driving bass to make 'Shine' a true reflection of its name - shining high energy onto any dancefloor.

Jacq (UK) & Laura Davie - Just Live It

Jacq (UK) returns to Wh0's Wh0 Plays imprint alongside Laura Davie, to release new track 'Just Live It'. Infectious synths combine with Laura's powerful vocals to create a momentous drop into a bouncing house slammer certain to get the dancefloor moving.

Alexander Som & Albert Neve - People Like You ft. Elishama

Alexander Som and Albert Neve team up for uplifting Wh0 Plays debut. The perfect cocktail of sweet, fresh, and lively, 'People Like You' feat. Elishama is a gratifying tech-house banger complete with soaring vocals and feather-light guitar riffs.

Sinner & James Ft. IDA FLO - Going Places

Sinner & James' graceful debut on Wh0 Plays is a crisp and rousing musical gift. IDA FLO's energetic and energizing vocal paired with luscious melodies demonstrates.

Chesser - Liftin' Me Higher

CHESSER’s latest contribution to Wh0 Plays is bursting with all the right ingredients for the perfect club conditions. 'Liftin' Me Higher' swoons through articulate beats and glossy dance bounce to instantly get you on your feet.

Wh0 - Sunshine

Mysterious UK duo Wh0 bring the light in their return to Thrive Music, with 'Sunshine'. Bubbly and fun, the disco-house crossover makes for funky swagger on the dance floor and reckless abandon on a summer night.

Makree - Came To Groove

Makree returns to Wh0 Plays with a joyful celebration of dance, 'Came To Groove'. An expertly produced brass-heavy phenomenon, Makree's latest single is characterized by a uniquely hypnotic sample and buttery piano stabs that prove the DJ sincerely 'Came To Groove'.

Vanilla Ace & Ayarez - Bom Bom

Vanilla Ace brings a contagious buoyancy to his debut on Wh0 Plays with single 'Bom Bom' alongside Ayarez. Jam-packed with high-octane energy and infectious vocals, Vanilla Ace and Ayarez get set to release a sunny dance whirlwind of a track.

Wh0 - Wide Awake ft. Joe Killington

Returning to their own imprint Wh0 Plays, mysterious duo Wh0 drop exhilarating banger 'Wide Awake' featuring the powerful vocals of Joe Killington. Blessed with emotive key solos, fearless drops, and groove-laden vocals, Wh0's latest release is a revitalising mood uplifter.

Alex Preston - Crying Over You EP

Wh0 welcomes Sydney-based DJ and producer Alex Preston to their Wh0 Plays imprint for the 'Crying Over You' EP. In true Alex Preston style, all three tracks boast feel-good dancefloor-focused energy that are perfect for summertime dancefloors. So good!

Soul Avengerz - Love You Feel (Remix Package)

Wh0 Plays presents the remix package of Soul Avengerz's 2006 classic house cut 'Love You Feel' featuring label heads Wh0, Trimtone, and Elektrik Disko. Paying the utmost respect to the original, all four remixes boast the same grooving, feel-good, club-ready energy the original is known so well for.

Bad Intentions - Anytime Is House Time

When Fatboy Slim picks this track for the midnight drop on NYE at WHP this year, you already know it's dancefloor-ready. Bad Intentions get set to release a juggernaut of a dance tune entitled ‘Anytime Is House Time’ featuring Rowetta. Hefty rave-inspired synths, pumping basslines, and relentless riffs compose Bad Intentions’ latest club essential.

Wh0 - Feels EP

Wh0 get set to release 'Feels EP' on their very own Wh0 Plays imprint. With the full EP releasing early January, title-track 'Feels' is jam-packed with good vibes. Infectious vocals soar over a driving bassline and slick kicks, 10/10 from the label heads.

Jude & Frank, Commora - You Are My Love

Wh0 welcomes Jude & Frank alongside Cammora to their Wh0 Plays imprint for 'You Are My Love', a funk-fuelled house banger perfect for peak-time dancefloors. Jam-packed full of fun from start to finish, this one will have you dancing with a smile on your face.

Sayro - This Time EP

Sayro makes his Wh0 Plays debut with the 'This Time' EP, two vocal lead piano house bangers made for peak-time dancefloors. Lush infectious vocals soar over pumping precise kicks and strong piano riffs, big club-focused energy.

Dirtyloud - How I'm Feeling [+ Bad Intentions Remix]

Following on from the success of 'Boogie' released back in July this year, Dirtyloud returns to Wh0 Plays for 'How I'm Feeling'. A dancefloor-focused cut with a killer piano breakdown, powerful vocals, and pumping kicks means this one is set for peak time.

VA - Wh0 Plays Compilations Vol. 2

Wh0 gets set to present the second instalment of their 'Wh0 Plays Compilations' series. Featuring appearances from Kid Cut, DIM FLO, Josh Davids, Vince Versa and others, the 'Wh0 Plays Compilations, Vol. 02' is jam-packed with dancefloor heaters from start to finish.

Makree - Heading South [+ DIAL9 Remix]

Makree returns to Wh0 Plays with a brand new single entitled 'Heading South', a feel-good acid-tinged dancefloor banger with a remix from DIAL9 on the flip side. Having first graced Wh0's Wh0 Plays imprint back in June this year with 'Told You Once' alongside DIAL9, this one is sure to propel Makree to new heights.

Josh Hunter - Discotech EP

Next on Wh0 Plays is Brighton-based DJ and producer Josh Hunter with the 'Discotech' EP. With his recent release 'Tonight' on Kideko's Make 'Em Move imprint flying, Josh Hunter has been grabbing the attention of some of the biggest names in dance music. The 'Discotech' EP consists of two feel-good house bangers ready to set the dancefloor on fire!

Dirtyloud - Boogie [+DIAL9 Remix]

Up next on Wh0 Plays is Dirtyloud with a groovy House number entitled 'Boogie', on the B-Side DIAL9 gives the tune a pumping Tech House revamp. With a driving bassline, slick drum work and lush vocals, both the original from Dirtyloud and DIAL9's remix are such to make you move.