The name Wh0 has become one of the most pronounced throughout house music over the past eight months. Their dramatic rise, pushing themselves onto many taste-making lists, will become a coveted story in years to come. That’s because the duo, protecting their anonymity under blacked-out masks, came out of relative obscurity. It was their Basement Jaxx remixes which saw them thrust under the spotlight, with the pair having their take on dancefloor classics ‘Where’s Your Head At’ and ‘Romeo’, emanating the type of dancefloor prowess which has made them a notorious name amongst the scene’s biggest players. Also, being enlisted by the likes of The Prodigy, Blonde, James Hype and Craig David as well as Sigma for remix duties, they’ve set themselves apart over an enviable period. 

Likewise, with releases on Toolroom Records, SubSoul and 3Beat taking pride of place within their discography, they’ve unleashed their cuts on the genre’s pivotal platforms. This is something which will continue into 2019, with their forthcoming release set to be dropped on Armada Music, on top of their most recent output ‘gReEdy’ through the Subsoul pedestal. However, it’s their own imprint which initially began to turn heads. For an act that’s so far in its infancy, to launch such a project could have been intimidating. But for a duo like Wh0, this was the driving force behind their own standalone tracks.  

Their first self-released project was single ‘Scream’ – it marked a starting point for Wh0, one which set standards that many of their counterparts would find difficult to match. The track was heralded by Mistajam on the prime-time BBC Radio 1 ‘Dance Anthems’ slot, something which has paved the way for Wh0. Their music was debuted to the channel’s immense circulation, causing international attention to turn on the pair, a production outfit who were jumping to new heights primarily through the quality of their music. Little is known about their background and with no big alias attached to their work, they’ve been judged solely on their ability to capture their onlookers with their expertly honed, dancefloor encompassing records. 

Another track which debuted on the label was ‘Sound Bomb’, which acts as a marker for what would eventually become a buy-on-sight label with just two releases in its back catalogue. It isn’t often that a label becomes such a trendsetting force under these circumstances, but time and time again they’ve upped their stakes and amassed new followers with every bomb they’ve detonated. The placement of ‘Sound Bomb’ in 2018 acted as the perfect mechanism for Wh0 to seep their influence throughout the whirlwind Ibiza season, where their music provided the soundtrack to many of the island’s historic clubs. With the release being followed up in quick succession through their unstoppable output, their exploding audience has their eyes on the label, even whilst it's still in its initial stages.

Wh0 Plays is another independent, artist-run imprint which has shaken the foundations of what was becoming a very rigid dance music industry. However, with Wh0 standing at the helm, breaking the prototype was only to be expected. They’re becoming renowned for breaking boundaries – whether its sonically or through their career moves, which is why they’re a defining part of the new wave. 

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